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Our International Courses are

Gym Owners Courses

Gym Coach / Gym Trainer / Gym Instructor Courses

Advanced Diploma in Body Building Training Course – Level II

Fitness Courses

Certified Fitness Training Course – Level III

Certified Personal Training Course – Level III

Personal Training for Management of low back pain – Level IV

Advanced Certified Fitness Management and Personal Training Course – Level V

Pre- Professional Personal Trainer Course – Level VI

Aerobics Courses

Certified Aerobic Fitness / Exercise
Training Course
Certified Step Aerobics Training Course
Certified Aerobic Strength Training Course
Certified Aerobic Stability Ball Training Course
Certified Master Aerobics Trainer Course

Strength and Endurance Courses

Functional / Circuit / Cross Fit / Boot-Camp / HIIT & LIIT / Bosu Ball and Other +20 Iteams.,

Ayurveda Massage Courses

Ayurveda Fitness Massage Training
Ayurveda Fitness Body Massage Therapist
Training Course

Beautician Courses

Diploma in Beautician Course
Advanced Diploma in Beauty Parlour
Management Course

Yoga & Meditation Courses

Diploma in Yoga Training / Meditation
Advanced Diploma in Yoga Training /
Meditation Training

Martial Arts Courses

Self Defense Training Courses (WUSHU,


Our all course Certification Attestation for Gulf and
other Countries Embassy or Consulate:

“Ministry of External Affairs & Home Department Govt., Mantralaya”


IC PARK established in the year 2000 and still standing ahead in the fitness industry. All our Training institutes are handled by well qualified and experienced faculty with expertise and deep knowledge in their domain. Our courses related to health nutrition, yoga, beautician, martial arts etc., are well structured keeping at par with international standard to ensure best placement for our pass outs. Our fee structure for both professional as well as health related courses are best in the field in terms of affordability. Also we provide all types of checkups regarding your field under deputed doctors at concern period as your need

IC PARK takes almost care in all our fitness course right from the selection of trainers, exercise and workout scheme, dietary and nutrition advise, design of the atmosphere under which exercise is being taken etc. so that ultimately our trainees get a perfect balances between then and there fitness, that is what matters us. We conduct special care fitness programme for persons with cardio, diabetic, asthma problem etc., The company reformed as limited company named icpark ltd


Our mission is to provide an educational, friendly and innovative experience of uncompromising quality meets the health & fitness. We are planning to spread our branches all over kerala by 2025 and will extend all over India & abroad.

Fitness is a combined effect of the experience of mind and body. Fitness is generally achieve through a proper nutrition and exercise .. Through this we can also build a proper and actual life. Fitness is considered as essential for defence force and its applicable for special population. Fitness also prevent or treat any chronic condition such as unhealthy life style or ageing
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We also provide most modern techniques in aerobic fitness world, Aerobic training, Aerobic strength training, Aerobic stability ball training., you can practise this anywhere you need, no restrictions

Take control and see the results,you can achieve a level of control all over your body also mind.its an art,We provide our best for your needs. Bodybuilding helps to tone body and fitted life, bodybuilding has been legally accepted by India govt, so they avail much job offers in different sectors.make it regular live healthier
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Zumba involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music. We have all types of utilities set for your needs. You also achieve long term benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one hour of fat burning.

The traditional exercise movements that’s cure your physical, mental and spiritual needs. the Rejuvenating process ,we guide you to achieve the process through nadayoga , treatake etc.
Meditation:-human body lies beyond our limitations and thoughts ,it consist of several things like mantras, chakras, breathing, gazing, kundalini, visualisation ..etc without a proper guidance you will not able to maintain it, we gave you the actual way of controlling these energies

Martial arts is a program that strengthens all aspects of your health, fitness and mind It is the best way to achieve self defence.We provide wushu and kick boxing, themost modern variety techniques available
inthe industry.We provide most reputed and experienced trainers,also special care classes provide under national champion

Ayurveda is all about the science of holistic healing and is a comprehensive plan that achieve the perfect health for people, now World has gone too fast so the humans also ,no one care their lifestyle so now everyone’s addicted to stress, without a proper portion no one gets the cure, we have the professionals who have been trained for years in ayurvedic fitness massage, it cures the toxins on mind and body, also it’s a powerful recharger and rejuvenator.

It is a wide range of training facility including circuit training , crossfit , boot-camp, core workout, foam roll, vipr, stability ball, kettle bell , battle rope, Bulgarian bag etc.